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K E N & S A N D Y

Zhùhè! Ok this wedding started in a blur! My mentor and long time friend Martin and I didn't know what to expect at the beginning. All I can say is that it was an absolutely fantastic event to be apart of. Sandy was polite and shy at first, but once we took a few photos of her in her GORGEOUS cheongsam she was an absolute natural infront of the lens. Her young and talented bridesmaids were also a delight to meet. Offering her words of encouragement, little jokes, and complimented her perfectly. Ken appeared a little later with his groomsmen. Singing and joking they made their way into the room where the bride was waiting and the ceremonies began. The tea ceremony was incredibly emotional for everyone in the room. Relatives offered advice, and elaborate jewelry that Sandy was donned with. Her mother wept out of sheer happiness during their exchange of tea which moved everyone in the room tremendously. Ken and Sandy are indeed a handsome pair.

Main Photographer: Martin Kim @ http://www.martinkimphotography.com/
Second Photographer: Anna Scott (all images displayed)