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E L L E N & R O L A N D

If anyone had ever told me all the types of couples I would meet in this industry, and then allowed me to pick one as my very first clients, I would pick this couple over and over and over again in a heart beat. Seriously. I lucked out. Ellen was my first bride ever. She was the first person to ever give me a chance to stand on my own two feet as a wedding photographer. I owe a lot of my courage to her. She was kind, and generous, organized as all hell, which I absolutely appreciated and adored. We got along great and continue to still be friends. Roland was a bonus really. I have never in my life met a groom so dedicated to someone that it left you in complete awe. This man truly loves his wife. Their wedding was perfect. Dancing, food, company, you name it, they had it. This is a couple that will be there for each other. No matter what.

ALL MY LOVE TO YOU BOTH...Thank you for giving me a chance and believing in me as an artist.